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Dentist Malpractice Insurance

Dentist malpractice insurance for your dental practice is a specific form of professional liability insurance that is used to transfer the risk of dental malpractice from the practice, and its dentists, to an insurance company. Medical malpractice insurance is necessary for dentists, not just because of state requirements, but also because it is what protects a dental practice’s assets from a lawsuit. A malpractice lawsuit against a dentist can penetrate the corporate veil, and therefore carry over to the dentist’s personal assets. The only protection that a dentist would have for both the cost of defense, and the cost of settlement, would be dentist malpractice insurance. The only other option is to self-insure, which is another way of saying, “pay for the defense and settlement out of pocket.”

Our office has contracted with the strongest malpractice insurance companies, and we offer the oldest and strongest malpractice companies in the country. We have access to state admitted insurance companies as well as excess surplus lines insurance companies. This simply means we can customize a policy for each dentist we speak with, and find the best coverage to cost ratio. Call us today to balance out your dentist insurance coverage and cost.

Dentist Malpractice Insurance Benefits:

  • Occurrence or Claims made Coverage
  • Full Consent To Settle
  • License Defense Coverage
  • Good Samaritan Coverage
  • General Liability or Premises Liability Options
  • Assault Upon You At Work
  • HIPAA Defense Coverage
  • Underwritten By A++ Medical Protective
  • Superior Defense – 90% Trial Win Rate

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Why Choose American Insurance Advisers?

We are a family owned, and operated, insurance agency dedicated to providing the best service and advice to our clients. Unlike many other large insurance agencies, we are willing to spend the extra time and effort to tailor each policy for our clients. Also, our affiliations with the largest and strongest insurance carriers enable us to offer better prices and better products to our policyholders. Contact us for a quote today and you will be pleased with the quality and service of your dentist malpractice insurance.

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