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Home Insurance

For most Americans, their home is their biggest asset. Home insurance is an important tool used to protect this asset. This is why we do not offer cheap home insurance at our office, but instead we offer affordable home insurance. This is an important distinction for us to make because it is very easy to find cheap home insurance, but not always easy to find affordable home insurance.

Different varieties of home insurance that we can help you with include house insurance, hazard insurance, condo insurance, and landlord insurance. Living in Florida many questions get brought up about home insurance that are unique to the rest of the country. The two primary items we would like to address here are: ‘What is homeowners insurance’ and ‘How much is home insurance?’ Lastly, we would like to bring up the unique scenario that our state faces, in other words we would like to discuss Florida insurance.

Toward the bottom of this page you will be able to see a brief list of insurance companies that we represent, but keep in mind we have access to many other insurance companies too!

And don’t forget to call us for your homeowners insurance quotes. We will find you the best home insurance companies!


What is homeowners insurance?

Home Insurance is a financial tool that is used to make the policyholder financially whole in the event that there is a loss to their home. Like all insurance policies it is a method to transfer risk.  Typically we would write a home insurance policy on a ‘special’ form, formally known as an ‘all perils’ form.  The ‘special’ form covers all perils except the ones excluded within the policy.  There are six specific coverage limits listed on the declaration page which are A. Dwelling, B. Other Structures, C. Contents, D. Loss of Use, E. Personal Liability, and F. Medical Payments.  Coverage A. Dwelling is the primary property coverage that dictates Coverage B, C and D. Coverage E. Personal Liability is also another extremely, and often overlooked, hazard insurance within a home insurance policy.  Due to the unique situation we face in Florida, the coverage proportions are typically not the same as what is seen in other states.

How much is home insurance?

As was mentioned earlier, there is a difference between cheap home insurance and affordable home insurance.  This is because the insurance rates are based on probabilities determined by the insurance companies.  In addition to the rates that the insurance companies determine, there are discounts that the insurance companies offer, as well as discounts that are mandated by the state of Florida.  The best homeowners insurance quotes are always going to be given to the properties with the least amount of risk in the insurance companies eyes.  With price always in consideration, the best homeowners quotes are typically from properties with newer roofs and hurricane shutters, or impact windows, on all openings.  These homeowners insurance discounts are required by the state of Florida, and more specifically the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form.


Florida Insurance

The Florida insurance market place is unique from all of the other insurance markets in the United States, and even the rest of the world.  The reason Florida insurance is unusual is because the risk peak for hurricanes is unusually high.  In other words, the probability that Florida will be hit by a major windstorm, such as a hurricane, is higher than the rest of the world.  The insurance companies in Florida have incorporated this high probability into their homeowners insurance rates for house insurance, condo insurance, and landlord insurance.  Furthermore, many of the large captive insurance carriers have left the state, or decreased writing coverage in the state, which is what led to the increasing need for Citizens Insurance Florida.





Homeowners Insurance

There are many different types of homeowners insurance.  The most common three we write are house insurance, condo insurance, and landlord insurance.  The best homeowners insurance companies are available to write all three of these lines of business.  Also, remember that Citizens insurance Florida is not the first carrier you should consider for your homeowners insurance.  Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is the state run insurance carrier.  The insurance company of last resort.  There are private insurance companies that can assist you.  Give us a call anytime to discuss how we can help you with your homeowners insurance.

House Insurance

House insurance is the same as home insurance, or homeowners insurance.  It is a hazard insurance that protects your primary or secondary home from the listed perils, or open perils, depending on the form.  There are many Florida homeowners insurance companies that are domestic carriers who write this type of policy.  In addition to the Florida homeowners insurance companies, there are a handful of nationwide home insurance companies as well.  Give us a call to discuss your house insurance, home insurance, or homeowners insurance – it doesn’t matter what you call it.  We specialize in writing home insurance, and we specialize in Florida insurance.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is a form of homeowners insurance that is used to protect the internal components of a condominium unit owner. The internal components are typically defined as ‘built-ins.’  A standard condo insurance policy, from a Florida homeowners insurance carrier, will offer ‘special’ coverage for the Coverage A. Dwelling limit.  However, Coverage C. Personal Property must be addressed because it is not offered as ‘special’ coverage.  Most insurance companies will offer an endorsement to correct this on their condo insurance policies.  Call us about your condo insurance and any other homeowners insurance you need help with.  We are happy to assist you with your Florida insurance.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is another form of homeowners insurance that is used to protect a rental property from the listed perils.  This policy comes in many shapes and sizes which is good for price conscious home insurance shoppers, but also can become problematic when the policyholder does not know what they purchased.  Again, these policies are typically written by Florida homeowners insurance carriers, and a handful can be written by nationwide home insurance companies.  Our agency is geared up to write any of the available landlord insurance forms, and from a variety of insurance companies.  Call us to discuss your landlord insurance and home insurance needs.

 Why choose American Insurance Advisers for affordable home insurance?

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